Monday, November 2, 2009

World Series Game 7, Guaranteed

This may be illogical, this may be naive, or this may just be a home town Phillies fan wishing his positive thinking helps his team fight back in the World Series...but I GUARANTEE a Game 7 will be played in the Bronx this Thursday.

Cliff Lee has pitched better than anyone over the last 3 months and tonight he takes the mound against an overrated A.J. Burnett. Yankee fans should be cheering for Lee to win any way so they can see their beloved bombers "win it all" (cough, won't happen) in the new Yankee Stadium on Wednesday against NYC's number one enemy, Pedro Martinez. That is the story book ending for Yankee fans...but there is always a twist.

Pedro will win Game 6 in the Bronx on Wednesday, get the last laugh once again, and walk off the field into the sunset as a bigger legend than he already was.

That brings us to Game 7 on Thursday night rather easily doesn't it.

Does Charlie Manuel give the ball back to Cliff Lee on three days rest to finish one of the most amazing World Series's ever? Does he give Cole Hamels yet another chance to redeem himself? Or are Joe Blanton and J.A. Happ the unlikely hero's of this tale...we will see...but one thing is for sure...A GAME 7 I GUARANTEE!!!!!!


The NFC East seemed to be a lock for the Giants but how quickly things change...the young stars of the Eagles are truly making an impact and the veterans are making a push to return to the top of the division. The window for this team has been supposedly "closing" for the last 5 years and yet this could be the best Eagles team since 2004. WHY THE HECK DID THEY NOT SHOW UP AGAINST THE RAIDERS THOUGH?! That's in the past and let's hope they bring the same toughness against the Cowboys next week as they did last Sunday.

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